The truth about Eyelash Extension Refills

The most common question lash stylist receives from a client: ‘How often do I need to book in for a refill? ‘

We don’t have one answer to all clients, but here are some facts which might help you to understand better what is a refill, how often should it be done and how every client should prepare for it.

First of all an eyelash extensions refill has to be done regularly to maintain a nice appearance and health of your natural lashes.

A little bit about human lash anatomy:

Every human has approximately 70-150 natural lashes on each eye. Every natural lash has its own lifespan and its own growth and usually there are 3 types of lashes:

1. Anagen (growth) phase which we call baby lashes. Lashes in this phase are growing extremely fast and this phase can around 30 to 45 days. These are finest and shortest lashes and not all lash stylists are able to work with them so they might just leave them without applying extensions on.

2. Catagen (transition) phase which we call teenager lashes. This phase lasts around 2-3 weeks.

3. Telogen (resting) phase which we call adult lashes. These lashes are the strongest lashes on our lash line and these are the ones we work with. This phase lasts around 100 days until a new baby lash pushes it out and the whole cycle happens again.

How fast your lash cycle happens depends on your metabolism, diet, lifestyle and health, so some client lashes might fall out faster, hence why refills would need to be done every 2-3 weeks and some- slower with refills needed every 3-4 weeks.

Every client should take into consideration the following guide;

1. How skilled is your lash stylist? If you are visiting professional lash stylist which is able to work with all 3 types of natural lashes without damaging them, has a good application skills, professional long lasting glue and covers 100% of your natural lashes - you might be able to enjoy your lash extensions longer. Read more ‘How to choose a good stylist’

2. Eyelash extension aftercare is vital! If you are not looking after your eyelash extensions- do not expect good results and do not blame your lash stylist for poor retention. Natural lashes have oils, proteins and they do become greasy- same as our hair so to wash them properly water is not enough. Every client should consider using a specially designed eyelash shampoo to maintain health and cleanliness of natural lashes. You wouldn’t wash your hair with just water, right? So why would you do it with lashes?

3. How clean are your lashes when you go for a refill? Here is a secret- your lash stylist knows and sees everything! Leftovers of eyeliner, eye shadow, glitters, mascara- you name it. We can even find crusty bits and dead skin cells which is not the most pleasant thing for any lash stylist to deal with. The dirtier your lashes are the bigger chances you can get an infection! And also, your lash stylist will have to spend a lot of time cleaning your lashes which will reduce time of actual application of extensions and that will cause less lashes being applied. And if your lash stylist does not wash your lashes, extensions will be applied on leftovers of dead skin and makeup, not on your actual natural lash, which will cause extensions to fall off within few days!

4. Seasons are playing a role in eyelash extensions retention. We do have regular spring and autumn lash shedding seasons. During these periods you will need to schedule your lash infills more often. Read more 'Autumn lash shed'

Here are some pictures for you to help you understand better:

Client booked in for the first time with us, saying she has lashes on and she only requires a refill to be done. Since then we do not offer refills after other stylists at Ritzy Eyes Lash & Brow Studio. Probably, there is no need for explanation.

In a pictures below you can see:

Volume fan after 3 weeks Outgrown lashes removed Fresh volume fan applied

The end result of 4-5D Russian Volume done at Ritzy Eyes Lash & Brow studio.

Dear lash lovers, stay educated, stay safe & choose who to trust with your eyes and eyelashes wisely!

With Love


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