How to choose a good lash stylist?

Trend of Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions kicked in with its full power. We see a lot of posts, blogs and advertising regarding Eyelash Extensions. So many women these days wear eyelash extensions. Some of them- very natural, some- dramatic. But how can we make a right decision? How do we know who to trust when we have so many lash stylists around offering their services?

Up until today the rumour is that eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes. And let me tell you- it’s a Lie! Unfortunately, poorly trained lash technicians are the ones who do the damage. Wrong application, wrong selection of lash extensions, poor quality materials, not following health & safety regulations can lead to a very painful experience.

When choosing your lash stylist you need to take a few things into consideration. After all – you are trusting someone with your eyes and the last thing you want is something bad to happen.

Here are few tips to help you to make right decision:


If you have decided to get your lashes done do your research about the place you have chosen. First you have to decide whether you want to go to a salon or to a lash stylist working from home.


Spend some time reading reviews about the place/stylist you want to book in with. If there are only up to 10 reviews and they are equally good and bad- you should consider if it is worth going there. If they have hundreds of reviews and only few are from unhappy clients- trust majority. Unfortunately, lash stylists are not protected from getting a bad review from anyone and we cannot make every single client happy no matter how much we try!


From many years of experience, I can tell that price for a service can say a lot! If salon charges less than €50 - €60 for this service- I would doubt that you will get a good quality. First of all, to keep a Salon running there are a lot of expenses and if they charge very little for eyelash extensions- usually it is a way to attract clients. If a person working from home charges less than €50 - €60- it’s OK, as they don’t have as many overheads as salons. However, I have seen salons charging €120 for very poor quality lashes and Lash Stylists at home charging €30 and doing amazing job.


Some lash stylists learned this technique years ago and never updated their knowledge and skills. And up to today they work by old incorrect techniques, using very poor quality materials, applying same lashes to every single client. And others, who love what they do never stop learning! If lash stylist you intend to go to always post pictures from seminars, trainings, masterclasses, championships- it is a right choice!


Before booking your eyelash appointment ask how long it takes to get them done. If your stylist will tell you that it will take up to 1.5 hour in total- you should consider going to that stylist. Every human has 70 to 150 natural lashes per eye and it is impossible to cover every single one of them in such short period of time. Unless you have a very little of natural lashes. Russian Volume lash application should not take less than 2 hours, if we are talking about dramatic volume it can even take up to 3 hours!

Last but not least- follow your gut feeling! If you have tried one lash stylist that damaged your lashes- don’t lose your faith! There are plenty of amazing stylists who care, who love their job and who does it for your smile and your reaction after you open your eyes and see your lashes in the mirror!

Stay safe, stay educated, stay beautiful and classy!

With love


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