Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions application & timing

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Over many years in the industry, we’ve heard the client’s asking ‘How long does it take to get your lashes done?’ ‘Oh… Why is it so long? I got mine done in 45 min’ ‘Can you do them in 1 hour, I have no time’ and so on…

I hope this article will explain everything you need to know and understand why good eyelash extensions application takes time and why you shouldn’t go to a stylist that does lashes in less than 1.5 hours.

First of all, every human has around 100 to 200 lashes per eye. A very rare person has less than 100 natural lashes unless natural lashes have been damaged, they disappear with ageing or it is just a gene. But some lucky clients have more than 200 natural lashes per eye…

So why do we, lash extension specialist, who care about their job quality and health of the client’s natural lashes, need so much time?

1. A professional stylist will try and cover 90% - 100% of your natural lashes. Why is it important?

Our natural lashes are changing every day. Mature lashes fall out and new baby lashes grow in their place. This cycle happens constantly and the speed of growth and shedding depends on every individual. Some, having slower lash growth might wear their lashes 4-5 weeks and some having faster lash cycle might need their refills every 2-3 weeks.

If you have a fast growth cycle and your stylist covered only 30-60% of your natural lashes, you will start seeing gaps in your lashes within a week. And in the worst-case scenario when natural lashes are glued together, they will be pulled out causing damage to natural lashes.

2. Every natural lash must be isolated so it doesn’t get stuck to other lashes beside or underneath. Now imagine perfectly isolating around 400 tiny lashes and applying extensions on each of them in less than 1 hour… It sounds quite impossible? It is impossible! What happens when you get your lashes done in 45 min? Your lash stylist most likely does not even bother isolating your natural lashes and glues eyelash extensions in bunches sticking a few of your natural lashes together. What will happen then? You will have natural lashes pulled out and damaged, they will be very sore, itchy and uncomfortable to wear and even might lead to infections and permanent natural lash damage.

3. In a professional lash salon, the consultation itself might take around 15 minutes to decide your desired look, shape and length. Cleansing and preparation might take another 15 minutes, especially if it is an infill, and in the professional lash salon you will never be rushed and you will be given enough time to achieve your desired effect (if your natural lashes allow it).

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