Hello Autumn!

The autumn is coming back to Ireland- colourful leaves are falling, winds become stronger and cooler. Nature starts to change and so do our bodies.

Shed phases happen twice a year- in the spring and in the autumn. This happens because our bodies are trying to adapt to weather changes. Spring lash shed usually is much worse than the autumn one.

What is an autumn lash shed?

It is a seasonal change to our bodies when it is trying to adapt to the changing weather. Our skin becomes dryer due to cooler weather and winds, lash follicles don't get the nourishment they need for lashes to grow.

How long does it last?

Autumn shed kicks in September and can last till November (depending on the region). It can be anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks, until every natural lash has renewed.

How do you know when your lashes are shedding?

When you notice that all of the sudden your eyelash extensions don’t last that well during these months- that should ring a bell! If your lash technician is experienced enough she will recognise a lash shed and let you know immediately. Also, your lashes may not look as full as they usually do after the refill due to the number of premature baby lashes which cannot be overloaded with lash extensions.

What to do?

First, you must wash your lashes to ensure your lash line is clean and there is no build-up of dead skin cells, makeup, natural oils and sweat as it will block the new growing lashes which can lead to ingrown lashes. Please note, you should keep your lashes clean at all times and not only during the shedding season

Second, clients should book more frequent refill sessions to ensure that your lashes are always looking neat. If you leave it for too long during this season, you may lose too many lashes to be considered as a refill, fast-growing lashes will start to twist and cause stress to a natural lash meaning possible damage to the natural lashes.

Third, technicians must inform clients about the lash shed and book extra time for refills. It is one of the worst seasons for eyelash technicians and clients should be more patient and understanding. It is because a good technician will try to avoid any little baby lashes sticking together (which is very hard to do!), they will do their best to make sure you have as full of an effect as you are used to seeing, and a good technician will do all their best to make you happy.

As it is a seasonal thing there is not much that can be done to avoid this. The best word of advice is:

For Clients: do not freak out if you see unusually high lash loss and be understanding of your struggling technician.

For Technicians: We are all struggling with this. This too shall pass. Patience and Good Luck!

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